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Hendo’s Local Pizza and Pints to call MarketWalk Home

Hendo’s Local Pizza and Pints, named after the nickname of proprietors, South African born brothers, Mark and Glen Henderson along with wife Jaynee, will be opening at MarketWalk this Spring.

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  • Can’t wait!!

  • O Jinne! I will be there to support my fellow South Africans! How can it not be amazing! Lekker okes! Nice going!

  • JC from Crestview

    Sounds great! We have been waiting for a place like Hendo’s for years.

  • We are ALL so excited about this opening!! I think it’s going be wildly popular! My only concern is the size……it seems awfully small. Is there even going to be a bar? Regardless, they are going to do very well in SEH

  • Opening Day yet?!!??

  • Yeah was sunday – Solid meatball sub and Dechuttes Black Porter on tap. Im sold.

  • Hendo’s was highly anticipated.

    I went there this Sunday and was very disappointed.

    The raviolis were no better than what I can cook, the pizza was okay and the confusing wait for a table was less than pleasing. A staff member reserved a table for a friend, which is supposedly not possible. Another group snagged a table ahead of everyone waiting since they knew the party leaving.

    Their pizza does not compare to Flippin in Vista.

    Wish I could give a better review.

    • LOL. That is what you get when you have South Africans trying to cook Italian food.

      Go for the ambiance or don’t go at all.

      • I’m an Italian South African. South African’s don’t do Italian – its not a part of their culture.

      • 80% of your Italian chain restaurants and take outs are owned by Americans, Chinese, Indians and other. recipies are taken from tradition , The restaurant Pizza Hut is by no means Italian or from Italian decent, however, great food. You are clearly not Italian or know about Italian food, Please do not make uneducated comments. Local is awesome. Should you know better , then maybe you should open up your own “ITAILIAN” restaurant or understand quality food! ! !

  • We went for lunch and I had the chicken parm, my son had a personal-sized pizza and my wife had a salad. The food was good, and it was nice not to drive far. I think the place will do well.

  • Hendos is HORRIBLE! Worst food I have ever had, crappy service and horrible atmosphere.

  • First of all, I am a felllow South African. I went an ordered a pizza and a soda. I self-served my soda and grabbed a table as they were in short supply. After 35 minutes I gave up waiting and walked out without ever getting the pizza I ordered. My soda was out but I couldn’t get a refill without losing my talble. Not one employee bothered to notice that I was sitting there, without a soda and without my order. And the add an automatic 20% service charge – for what???? I wrote an email to them and it bounced. I wrote a letter to them and they never replied. This is a lousy establishment.

  • As a South African, I absolutely admire and respect the fact that two brothers came together to create an awesome restaurant that not only provide great service but also great food with the best prices. Cannot wait to go back.

  • High Prices for Fair Food?

  • As a Native American Indian, I can understand why pizza sucks. It’s all about the water.

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