Meet the Candidates Night for San Elijo Hills Association Board Recall & Election

Meet the Candidates Night was held on Tuesday at the Peppertree Hills Eatery. The event was well attended by an estimated 75 San Elijo Hills homeowners who squeezed into the cafe and visitors center. Nine of the ten candidates for San Elijo Hills Association Board seats attended. The candidates answered homeowner questions about: foreclosure blight, community events, developer involvement on the board, and HOA interaction with San Marcos City government around speeding in neighborhoods and cut through traffic.

We will post complete video of the event this week and we welcome your comments on the event.

Quick camera phone video:

The candidates are:

Thomas Cappellazzo (Current Board Member)

Matt Guardia

Stephen Kirkland

Tim Minjares

Adam Riffe

Marry Russell (Current Board Member)

Torin Snyder

Jeff Tuller (Current Board Member)

Sarah Vollrath

Michael Young (Current Board Member)

EDITORS NOTE: All candidates are welcome to send San Elijo Life your bio, platform and a picture and which we will post. Readers may email us or post your questions for candidates.


  • I wanted to thank all of the candidates who took the time to answer questions last night. I found it to be very informative to be able to meet the new candidates and assess their position on matters concerning SEH. The event was well organized and I have heard many positive comments. Thanks also to Peppertree Cafe for supplying the food.

  • Well said Brenda, see you tomorrow!

    • Mr. Byrnes. I live in another north county hoa and have been trying to figure out what has been going on in San Elijo Hills, in case there is something to be learned that may benefit my association. Since you indicate that your community has lots of capable owners to serve on the board, was there a conflict between owners and the developer, owners and the management company. Thanks for anything that you wish to share. John Lechuga

  • I’ve been working on a post, but it keeps getting too long. Perhaps I’ll get to it over the next couple of days, but here’s the summary:

    We have a great board, and a great community. We all want the vision to be fulfilled, but we have strong disagreements about who is best to ensure, and what approach will work, to make that come about.

    I strongly disagree with how this recall was launched, and think if it passes we have opened the floodgates for mayhem.

    Regardless of how the election goes, we need to make the process for recalling a board more open, deliberative, requiring participation of the homeowners, and with a higher activation threshold, within the limits of the law (see my post on the matter elsewhere here).

    That having been said, regardless of what happens, if we get a randomly chosen group of 4 from last night’s candidates, we will have a decent board. They are all exemplary in their own way.

    I certainly have my opinions about who is best to fill the actual roles, but I’m much less worried that we will return to the “these are not the droids you are looking for” approach of the prior board (meaning the one before the most recent election that never got minutes out in the time required by law), regardless of what happens in the election.

    So, whatever happens, I think we will have more transparency, communication, and involvement. That is a good thing.

    I still think how we got here stinks, and we need to find a way to make sure it isn’t repeated.

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