Nine new parks, upgrades for 3 planned over 5 years

By Linda Lou

September 26, 2007

San Marcos residents will soon have more green places to go for walks, picnics and youth sports. The city plans to open nine parks and expand three existing ones in the next five years, said Craig Sargent-Beach, director of Community Services. Hollandia Park, where Lafitte Banville carried sheet metal for a utility building recently, will have skateboarding, picnicking and off-leash dog areas, an adventure playground, an amphitheater, horseshoe pits, lighted softball fields, a lighted soccer field and trails when it opens next summer.
The parks will provide residents with more activity choices, including water sprays, adventure playgrounds and off-leash dog areas. Traditional picnic areas, basketball courts and ball fields will still be built.

Tanis Brown, who has served on the Community Services Commission for more than 20 years, said she’s thrilled about the upcoming parks, especially Hollandia, which will have the city’s first and long-desired skateboard park.

In addition to Hollandia, a 30-acre park near Mission Hills High School, four others are in the pipeline: Sunset Park on the city’s west side; a park surrounding South Lake; Double Peak Regional Park in San Elijo Hills; and a long park that will connect South Lake to Discovery Lake. Construction is under way at both Hollandia and the 200-acre Double Peak, which is being built by the developer of San Elijo Hills. Both are expected to open next summer. READ ENTIRE UT ARTICLE


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  • OUR SAN ELIJO DOG PARK IS NOT SAFE! The ground has to many large holes in it and to slanted. many dogs are getting hurt by running and tripping in the uneven ground. Our dog required a $3500 surgery to repair his knee. Please put in astro turf as they have at the SPCA in San Diego. Its very easy to clean up after your pets and they cant dig it up. I have talked to many people who say they have gotten hurt tripping in holes or their dogs have. Lets make it a safe place!!!!

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