Picketing at the San Elijo Hills Cafe

Taken with camera phone in front of San Elijo Hills Cafe

You may driven or walked by San Elijo Hills Cafe and seen the union picketers protesting Home Fed/San Elijo Development. A local San Elijo resident named David Horacek put up a information sheet in the San Elijo Hills café to organize an effort to get these protesters out of the neighborhood. If you would like to see the protest move; you can call the organizers, and ask for Frankie at 858-621-2660. An effective means of discouraging these folks is to call this number and calmly explain how their efforts are misdirected and are negatively affecting the small business owner that is operating the café, as well as our communities overall character. For all the ups and downs the cafe has had, it’s important to support the cafe and it’s success sets precedent for other business we would all like to see in San Elijo Hills.


  • The next step if the calls don’t work is to pool together the money for a sign with a positive pro San Elijo Hills and promoting the Cafe massage. We would get out on this spot just before they do in the morning and hopefully force them to go away completely or move to a less intrusive location.

    Meanwhile please call this number (858-621-2660) as often as you can and send an email message to all of your friends and neighbors asking them to do the same thing.

    If you want to contribute for a sign we can set up a can at the cafe, we will need volunteers to stand out front in the mornings (between 9:45 and 12 PM). Please do what you can when you can to help get these guys out of our community..

  • The person to ask for is not Frankie, his name is Gilbert (same number) at extension #3024.

    Keep calling but be nice (bees with honey)

  • I’d like to know how A) protesting and B) protesting against illegal labor abuse negatively affect the overall character of the community. Working to silence or intimidate people to simply preserve an idealized version of a community is detrimental to the very fundamentals of American life.

    Being that the neighborhood is full of those living the “American Dream” in their single family homes, lets not forget the right to protest and the need to protest should be preserved, as it is what secured our ability to have the American Dream, in the first place.

    If these protestors simply have a sign up and are not intimidating customers of the cafe, preserve their right to stand there, for when you want to use a high traffic spot for your cause, you’ll want to be able to so and have people respect you’re right to.

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