Post from San Elijo Hills running group

Hey Runners,

It looks like we will have a good group to kick off our weekly track workouts. Our first one will be next Wednesday, April 23rd at 6 PM (6 seemed to work better for most people). Feel free to bring your kids to play while you run, but the school has asked me to make sure that no dogs are on the premises.

The track is located at the San Elijo Middle School on the corner of Elfin Forest Rd. E. and Schoolhouse Way. This will be a great chance to run at your own pace without fear of getting dropped or going too slow. This workout is for all levels and will pay dividends like no other. You can park at the access gate on Schoolhouse Way or in the main parking lot of the San Elijo Middle School.

A disclaimer: I am not a certified coach, although I am an expert at keeping time with a stopwatch. So, if you just want to come to the track and do your own workout, that is fine with me. Otherwise, plan on doing a one mile time-trial. This will not be a race, but a benchmark so you can measure your progress. Here is the plan:

6 – 6:10 warm up
6:10 – 6:20 stretch
6:20 – 6:30 (or whenever you finish) one mile (4 lap) time trial at 80-85% effort
6:30 – 6:45 cool down

Please bring water, a watch (with a HR monitor if you have one) and a towel if stretching on the grass bothers you.

No charge for the workouts.

Please email me with any questions. Hope you can make it,


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