Public Workshop for Dog Park Expansion at San Elijo Hills Park

The City of San Marcos, will hold a public workshop to discus the proposed expansion of the dog park at San Elijo Hills Park. Please see PDF notice for maps and meeting details.

The Meeting will take place at the San Elijo Community Center 6:30 pm. June 26th, 2013.


  • Granted I do not have a dog, but I do walk by there almost every day. Why is it being expanded? I have never seen it that busy…ever.

  • I agree Randy- use the money to build some baskeball courts or something.

  • PLEASE come to the meeting and share your thoughts!! Dog owner or not, this effects you. BB courts, turning the giant empty space in town center into something usable, or additional amenities for the park, you should let the city and the people who asked for this expansion to know.

  • How about some tennis courts and baketball courts.

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