Report on Annual San Elijo Hills Association Meeting

The meeting was well attended and efficient.


Tree committee– received board approval for $2,000 for a representative study of 5 areas to evaluate brush and tree fire safety. The study will be conducted by Firewise 2000 who developed the original bush management strategy for San Elijo Hills. It was also recommended that the San Elijo Hills HOA approved plant list be revised to plants that meet the most current fire safety recommendations.

Questhaven Park Survey -2,197 homes received the survey 246 homes or 11% responded.


1. Playground

2. Shade Structure

3. Other

4. Volleyball Court

Town Center Development -An impromptu post meeting San Elijo Hills Town center development update was provided by Paul Borden CEO of HomeFed.

The Albertson’s side of the town center has been approved by the city of San Marcos and is out for re-bid from building contractors. Paul expects but did not promise that construction would commence in the Spring of 2008. It is critical the anchor tenant Albertson’s opens it’s doors. The Albertson’s side of the Town Center will have 8 retail locations and 12 condos and the daycare center that will commence last as that land will be used for construction staging. A development update was promised in late February “Good News or Bad”


  • Fed up SEH resident

    What can we do about this developer that has sold us a bill of goods on the town center? They keep delaying construction, because they keep changing the plans, in order to try to get more $ for the developer (a strategy that has backfired, as the delays have put them in the position of selling condos into a depressed market).
    The lack of facilities is greatly inconveniencing all of us, and can only be further depressing property values.

  • If a lawyer starts a class action suit against the developers I WILL BE ALL IN…

    i was told everything would be built in one year and two years at the most. now its been four years and still not even close!

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