Ridgeline measure eclipsed by Prop. O

By Linda Lou


October 25, 2008

SAN MARCOS – With all the attention on Proposition O, the other proposition in San Marcos has been largely overshadowed by the more controversial measure.

Councilman Mike Preston put former Planning Commissioner Jim Hernandez on the spot at a City Council meeting last week when he asked Hernandez his position on Proposition N. Hernandez couldn’t respond immediately. He had Proposition O, the city’s growth-management initiative, on his mind and had to be reminded about Proposition N, a ridgeline-protection measure.

Hernandez was chairman of an advisory committee in 2005 that made recommendations to protect San Marcos’ ridgelines.

Hernandez, who wasn’t a voting member on the committee, said he hadn’t made up his mind about Proposition N. But he said he was opposed to the measure including agricultural operations, along with grading and construction activity, as development. In 2006, the council adopted an ordinance to limit development on ridgelines surrounding the city. The ordinance identified primary and secondary ridgelines within city limits; created setback requirements for development near ridgelines; and began a ridgeline-development and approval process.

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