San Elijo Hills Chevron is Now Open!


San Elijo Hills Chevron is now open!

Hours 5:30 AM-11:00 Pm 7 days a Week and Holidays
SEH chevron will be taking requests for items to stock in the mini mart. Mini Mart will be filling out the shelves as vendors deliver new goods. A nice coffee selection and fountain drinks will round out the Mart. Full and part time positions are available. Gas, car wash and a mart will be a welcome addition to “life in the hills”

Hills local is not sure the paint trim is in keeping with the retro rustic paint scheme of San Elijo Hills….thoughts?


  • I agree. I dont feel that the paint matches with our town and am very dissappointed with it. The gas station is the first thing that is seen when driving in. We all spend a tremendous amount on our own homes making them look asthetically pleasing and the gas station looks the way it does?

    Not impressed!

  • I just visited SEH today and was very interested in the urban townhomes. My very first thought was “They need to repaint that gas station, it doesn’t blend in w’the neighborhood”. Take a look at hte one in Encinitas in the REI shopping center, perfect example of a well thought out service station.

  • Wow. I’ve had family and friends say they loved the neighborhood until the gas station went in. I thought the plan was to have it blend into the scheme of the neighborhood but it is an eye sore especially the blue paint and silver ornaments. I’m a resident in San Elijo Hills and this is horrible. A good example of a gas station is the West Gas Station in Carlsbad near palomar airport road west of the 5. It’s next to the new West restaurant. That’s a gas station that’s beautiful.

  • I agree. We are thrilled about the new addition of the gas station/mini mart but under impressed with the color choice of the blue trim. What were they thinking??

  • The gas station looks horrible. The residents need to take charge and complain until it gets changed. It was understood that the town center would mirror the Cafe design. This awful gas station would look better across the border.Its embarrassing to pay high taxes and have insane landscaping rules to abide by and yet this building was a acceptable idea? I am not sure who allowed this but we all need to do something now. The houseing market is bad enough , but I know for a fact people will look else where to buy a home with this huge ugly structure as the entry to the town.Its awful.I called Holly at 798 1765 and everyone else should as well. It makes San Elijo look bad. As we sit here on the ledge of La Costa , do we really want this to be what represents us , a big gas station that glows in the dark!!

  • I live accross the street from the gas station, and I find the blue trim hideous. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one. Who can I complain to get this changed. I am also not thrilled about the hours, since I live accross the street. 11 pm is to late and 5:30 is to early. Hopefully they will be considerate of those who live accross the street.

  • I was excited when they added the rock finish to the gas station and they were off to a good start. However, the paint is horrible. It looks like the Autopia ride at Disneyland. The developer needs to hear the feedback before the Albertsons is painted bright purple.

  • I have to agree with everyone’s comments regarding the gas station’s exterior. In no way does the color scheme of the gas station blend with the SEH community. The station also bears no resemeblence to the conceptual model in the Visitor’s Center. I have to agree with the previous comment that the gas station at West on Canon Road is an example of what the station should have looked like. Since we can’t start from scratch, the accent color absolutely needs changed. Even using “Chevron Blue” would be better than the current color.

    I have to disagree with the comment regarding the hours. I’m actually surprised the station won’t be 24/7. It absolutely needs to be open when people leave for work (as early as 5:30) and for late night needs. At least we finally have retail in SEH.

  • I am a resident of San Elijo Hills. As a member of this lovely community as well as a dues paying member of the HOA, I AM ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGED BY THE COLOR OF THE NEW GAS STATION! Who in the world thought it would be appropriate to place a large teal colored metal sign in the middle of this beautiful towncenter? The colors do not match the color scheme of the community and this large hunk of metal is a complete eyesore. Why is it that all the home builders and residents must adhere to the SEH rules requiring us to maintain an “early California” architectural and design theme, yet you have allowed Chevron to march right in and completely disregard this theme?

    This ugly gas station is now the first thing people see when they arrive in San Elijo Hills. It completely ruins our quaint community charm. Whomever allowed this was completely derelict in their duties to the residents of SEH.

    First, I would like to know who allowed this catastrophe. I am very angry that whoever was involved is allowing the degradation of our community and decreasing my property value.

    Second, I would like to know whether Chevron is in violation of any contractual obligation they had to the community to design the gas station to match our design theme. I am an attorney and I favor suing Chevron to correct this problem. If there was no contractual requirement to match our design theme, then I would like to know who was so negligent as to leave this important detail out of the contract.

    Third, I ask that you forward this email on to every board member and executive involved in this issue and I ask that you provide me with their contact information so we can fashion a remedy to this disaster.

  • If anyone has an idea of who to contact regarding the gas station to file complaints please list the contact on a post. We need to work fast to get it improved.
    Thank you.

  • I’ve emailed Teresa Dewitt (contact for Walters Management) and asked who I can forward complaints to regarding the gas station. If she emails me back I’ll post the info on here.

  • Myself, and four of my family members are all residents and individual property owners in San Elijo. We’re all down to earth, but man oh man, this gas station is hideous. The lighting at night is horrendous. I’ll not waste my time repeating what everyone else here has said, but surely we need to create some sort of website/initiative to get this fixed.

    It’s bad enough that we’ve had to wait for commercial development to begin in San Elijo for so long- I can’t *believe* someone was asleep at the wheel when they let Chevron construct this monstrosity.

    How do we start some kind of initiative here???

  • Sorry for a double post, but this appears to be the architect info for the San Elijo hills Gas Station – this is his website-

    As quoted from this web page –

  • I agree. I notice the paint right away…does not make sense for the look of what we have….

    We had to listen to all the noise for so many months, it would be nice to SEE something a bit more soothing.

  • The gas station is embarrassing to our community. A beacon of shame. I’m not quite sure how this color scheme could have been approved. I’d like to help get it changed. It’s bad enough there’s a gas station at all – this is unacceptable.

    • I’m surprised to see your comments, this community is a new urban walkable community, award winning, and by definition sustainable communities are self contained, which means that you have the convenience of a gas station, supermarket, and other modern life conveniences close by… you don’t need to drive for 4 miles to get to a gas station or grocery store…
      Get a bit more educated on the meaning of a sustainable community, or go live in some god forsaken suburban hell.

  • In response to Bobbie’s posting I would like to ask how the hours of Chevron operation effect you? I am a student and the hours are conveinent for me and a lot of other people. The only noise coming from the gas station is from the cars and that would occur naturally with the cars leaving SEH. I am not thrilled with the color choices, but the architect who master planned SEH helped with the gas station. Apparently he thought it fit the neighborhood! Keep voicing your opinions and maybe we can get them to repaint it!

  • in respone to Hillary’s posting here are a couple of my issues. Car’s idoling, the car wash buzzer and the bright lights shining in my windows too early and too late. The carwash buzzer has been fixed though.

  • Look closely. The park archway architecture matches the gas station. It even has a very similar paint trim, albeit not as florescent. Tone down the paint trim on the gas station and they are a very close match.

    It’s funny that no one is complaining about the park.

    The gas station has been a part of the Master plan and the mock-up in the Visitor’s center since at least 2001. Maybe even before then. Personally, I’m glad it’s here and I think everyone is wound just a little bit too tight on the whole subject.

    If it consoles anyone, even downtown Rancho Santa Fe has a gas station. Hey, even the elite need gas. Everybody needs to chill 😉

  • “Look closely. The park archway architecture matches the gas station. It even has a very similar paint trim, albeit not as florescent. Tone down the paint trim on the gas station and they are a very close match.”

    Looking at your picture, I respectfully disagree, they don’t match at all. Now, I am not an architect, nor am I an expert, so perhaps my opinion is off here….but…in my opinion, the park arch is more inspired by your classier art deco architecture, down to the font used in the name. While you could argue that the Chevron station is modeled after the same era in style, it’s closer to what you’d find in an drive-in diner of that era — also art deco-ish, but a far tackier building. I have some pictures of the former, but have no idea how to post them here.

    Also, I agree that the color is picked up from other cues in the town square — the wooden trellis work in the fountain area is a similar green BUT they are not lit with flourescent lights, and the correct base color itself is no where near as bright. Flourescent lights make colors appear more flourescent, so you would think the designers would have compensated.

    My 2 cents.

  • The Building is an ART DECO building. The colors are exactly the sort of colors that were used in the period.
    Other California cities have design guidelines where these structures are not only allowed but are required for commercial buildings.

    I personally think that this is a nice building in a town where you have cookiecutter houses, all being the same colors. Everything is tan and spanish tile, so boring, so unimaginative.. Sad..
    I know that we are mentally brainwashed so everyone is dressing in their GAP and Banana Republic, drinking Starbucks and driving the same grey BMW. So sorry to hear that ‘different’ scares the hell of the suburbanites… Live a little, travel, see other cultures. Learn about color. Embrace new different styles of architecture, color and culture…

  • Paint the trim brown or tan and it will look great. Super cheap too. Now they just need to put some better products in the store.

  • Cmon people, you just dont get it do you?
    Art Deco is colorful, just take a trip down to South Beach, FL. Look around. This is what they have tried to emulate here.
    Tan and Brown are not colors for an Art Deco building.

  • Do not patronize this gas station. The price of gas is a full $0.25 per gallon less just a couple miles away. Download GasBudy for your mobile device and use it.

    The manager of the station told me to take my business elsewhere when I mentioned to him that his price is high even as gas prices are falling all over San Diego. He was rude and insulting and I urge you to join me in boycotting San Elijo Chevron.

    It’s so easy to save money and send a message. Just get GasBuddy and buy gas elsewhere. The inflated prices led me to talk to the manager, his horrible attitude has led me to ask you to stop your patronage of a local business that is clearly and self admitedly only here to exploit us.

    If you are the owner of that station, keep your prices in line with the fair market value of fuel and be sure to fire the fat dude with the mustache, he is a liability to your investment.

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