San Elijo Hills Home Robbery

A reader of San Elijo Life has reported the following about the 3.27.09 robbery:

The victims of a home robbery in San Elijo Hills on Friday afternoon between 3:45-4:45pm have reported the following clues: Please be on the lookout for a royal periwinkle blue 2-door Cadillac-style car with chrome-spoked rims and wide tires (very 80’s style). To be clear, the car was periwinkle (blue like a robin’s egg) 1980’s Lincoln Mark IV, V or VI. Hispanic male and white female with long wavy curly hair, large tattoo on her ankle and very leathery-tanned face.

They came in daylight between 3:45-4:45pm in Mariner’s Landing, They crawled through  locked kitchen window.

Correction: Home was in Mariner’s Landing, not Saverne

Sherrif’s Department (760) 510-5200


  • ConcernedSEHResident

    The story says they climbed through a “locked window”. Should that say unlocked or did they break the glass? Just curious… None the less, guess I need to be more paranoid about locking windows when we leave the house. Bummer.

  • Our window was closed and locked. It was not broken. We live in Mariner’s Landing, not Saverne. If anyone in the area sees anyone they think is suspicious or doesn’t fit into your neighborhood, the Sheriff has asked that you call and report them. There have been many reports of attempted break-ins and suspicious behavior lately. We were only gone for a short time. many of our neighbors were out, kids were coming home from school, people coming home from work etc… There were many people who gave accurate descriptions of the suspects and their vehicle. If they are caught doing it again, they will also get a strike for this burglary. Please let this be a lesson that we all need to be more alert to our surroundings so that this does not happen to anyone else. Once is too many times.

  • ConcernedSEHResident


    It’s still not quite clear. The window was closed and locked, and then you also say it was “not broken”. How did they get into the house? I don’t understand.

  • The glass was not broken. The windows are not that hard to pry open even when they are locked. At this point, does it really matter? They are going to get in one way or another if determined enough. I’m wondering why you’re asking…is there something that you can shed some more light on? I feel we have been victimized and taken advantage of enough, so if there is something you can enlighten me and everyone else that reads these comments with, in order to stop this from happening to someone else, please share!

  • To the homeowner,
    I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are going through this! It’s such a violation and terrible thing to go through, I hope they are able to find this guy soon!

    I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for any suspicious activity! Thank you for making us all aware of the situation.

  • Thank you Amanda.
    I really want everyone in the community to please be aware. In the past couple of days I have spoken with several other residents who have seen this same vehicle in San Elijo. Once, on the Friday before our home was robbed (exactly a week prior). It was spotted in the area around the little park on Questhaven and the surrounding neighborhood. And again this past Saturday in the same vicinity and down in the Crestview neighborhood. The 2nd time the person who spotted the car, got a license plate # and called the Sheriff…who in fact , was not even aware that there had been a robbery the day before. I hope these people aren’t going to come a 4th time, but if they do, please call the Sheriff immediately.

  • dont worry about ConcernedSEHResident. he is an idiot. he argues with everyone.

  • ConcernedSEHResident


    I live in SEH too. I wanted to understand how they broke into the house, w/ the hope that I could possibly prevent the same thing from happening at my house. Doesn’t sound like there’s anything that could have been done to prevent it.


    It’s no wonder SEH and its residents are bad mouthed so much. So quick to criticize. So much hostility.

  • SEH and its residents are bad-mouthed? i hadn’t heard anything negative about us from “outside” sources.

  • I don’t think that ConcernedSEHResident was wrong in asking what s/he asked. In fact, it was a sensible and helpful question that was asked politely enough. Anyway, I am sorry to hear about this news, and we will watch out for any suspicious activities.

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