• Since it wasn’t on Independence Day, perhaps, kind of like the “Peace Memorial”, it can be renamed something in keeping with the almost, but not really, patriotic, and oh-so politically correct, theme we have going here: An almost, but not entirely, non-denominational, non-nationalist, summer festival.

    4th of July is next weekend. This is like so much else in SEH, Half-baked, and Half-Assed

  • Just move away from SEH, Tom. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and get your sorry-ass away from here.

    Bye Tom! Have a better life elsewhere.

  • KK, is there a K missing from your moniker for your “If you aren’t exactly like me and mine and don’t agree with the status quo you don’t belong here” missive?

    What I will do is leave this blog. It’s an echo chamber for those who think the Emperor’s clothes are just fabulous.

    Enjoy the ever more cavernous echo, with less and less page views.

  • Tom,

    What a mature reply! Most of the things you write on this blog are negative. Did you attend this celebration? Have you volunteered for the event’s committee to improve things? I bet not. Before you ask the question, yes I have.

    Thank you for leaving this blog. You will not be missed. Don’t flatter yourself thinking the page views will decrease. I’ll still read this site as much as I have in the past, with or with your negative input. Believe it or not, the majority of the people appreciate SEH and the environment it provides.

    P.S. Go have a drink. I’ve heard you do alot!

  • Oops – I meant to write with our without your input. I admit when I make a mistake.

    • Sue – Thank you for volunteering for the events committee. The 4th celebration was fabulous. Everyone I know had a great time. Couldn’t have been any better. The activities were fun and the food was delicious. The tall Uncle Sam & water slide was a Hit!

      Keep up the great work!

  • Good Riddance Tom!

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