San Elijo Hills residents develop innovative new product

Refresh’n Dryer Towel. New technology created to lessen time in the laundry room. Stop washing clothes needlessly, Refresh’n and rewear.
The Refresh’n Dryer Towel is the first of its kind. This is an all-natural, “green” product, developed for wash and wear and select dry clean only clothing. One towel freshens undesirable, previously worn, slightly dirty, odorized, lifeless, wrinkled clothing into ready to wear articles in a matter of 10-15 minutes, without the need for laundering. Each Refresh’n Dryer Towel lasts for up to 25 uses or 75 articles of clothing.
San Marcos, CA (PRWEB) 2/22/08 Dick Pepper Enterprises L.L.C. launches new patent pending technology that will surely grasp the attention of everyone that does laundry. With special, break through P2 fiber technology, the Refresh’n Dryer Towel, when saturated with tap water and introduced to heat in the dryer will create a steaming effect that removes bacteria, dirt, odor and wrinkles from clothing. This process revives, freshens, and reshapes clothing without the need for washing or dry cleaning.
The use of the Refresh’n Dryer Towel will not only save the consumer time, money and prolong the life of clothing, it will aid in conservation of vital resources, such as water and electricity. On average, every load of laundry consumes 40-50 gallons of water and 7 kwh of electricity. With the use of the Refresh’n Dryer Towel, and avoiding one load of laundry per week, each household would save on average 200 gallons of water and 28 kwh of electricity per month.
The Refresh’n Dryer Towel is lint free and will not shrink, spot, fade or cause color bleeding on fabric, including delicates. This product uses no chemicals or fabric treatments and is 100% natural.
Refresh’n Dryer Towel is available for $19.99 online at and through the call center, toll free 1-800-994-3007
Refresh’n Dryer Towel is a product of Dick Pepper Enterprises L.L.C., a San Marcos, CA based company.

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