San Elijo Middle School will Hold a Fundraiser to Benefit Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego


San Elijo Middle School will hold a fundraiser March 12 through 16 to benefit Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego.
During “Penny Wars,” each homeroom will be given a large, enclosed container to collect donated pennies. Each penny will count as one point. Students may donate coins other than pennies or paper currency in the cans of other homerooms. Each silver coin or bill reduces the number of points from that container. At the end of the week, the winning homeroom at each grade level will receive a Baskin Robbins party to celebrate their efforts.

SEH this is a great time to make a donation to one of the valuable assets of San Diego County!!

San Elijo Life will make a $25 cash donation to the 1st two verified SEH Middle School student who can track down Hills Local after March 12th after 9AM

We hold Rady Children’s near and dear to our hearts join us in supporting this fun fundraiser.

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