San Marcos City manager has San Diego area’s top compensation


MONDAY, AUGUST 16, 2010 AT 9:20 P.M.

Survey of municipal managers’ compensation The average salary of the 18 city managers in the county is $204,000; the average total compensation package is $271,000. The top-paid municipal manager in the region is not the one that runs the county government serving 3.2 million people or even San Diego city government serving 1.4 million. When looking at the overall compensation package, that distinction goes to Paul Malone, city manager of San Marcos, the North County suburb nestled between Escondido and Vista. Population: 84,000. Malone manages a $195.1 million budget and 238 employees, and his compensation costs more than $408,000 a year, one of the findings in a review by The San Diego Union-Tribune of public-sector salaries READ FULL UT ARTICLE


  • Well well. We know which pig has ALL the pork.

    Time to have Malone FIRED.

    That money is better spent elsewhere, like more police officers & teachers.

  • Dude, the teachers are paid by SMUSD, which has nothing to do with the city, and the police are SD Sheriffs, on a fixed contract.

    I accept that $408K/yr is outrageous, considering that the average comp for a startup CEO in SD county is $210K/yr, but the extra $200K won’t go to teachers or cops. It might go to actually opening all those completed, but still fenced off, rest areas on the crestline trail, however.

    This is, unfortunately, just one example of how grossly overcompensated the bureaucrats who neither provide public services, nor create jobs, are paid throughout this state.

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