San Marcos Fire Department seeks volunteers for trauma support team

San Marcos, CA – The City of San Marcos Fire Department is seeking volunteers to serve with its nationally recognized Fire Corps Program to augment its current trauma support team. Trauma support volunteers serve alongside emergency services personnel to provide immediate support, comfort and practical assistance to victims and their families in the first few hours following a structure fire, sudden or accidental death, or other traumatic event. “Providing this type of program greatly reduces long‐term effects of traumatic events,” said San Marcos Fire Chief Todd Newman. “Volunteers often stay and assist family members long after emergency personnel have left the incident. This is invaluable for families that have suffered a traumatic event.” The first class of the next training session for the trauma support team will begin on Thursday, Aug. 14 from 8 to 10 am at San Marcos Fire Station No. 1, 180 W. Mission Road. Those wishing to volunteer for this program may contact the fire department for an application at (760) 744‐1050, ext. 3405. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license, be 25 years of age, be in good physical and emotional health, and live within the City of San Marcos or the San Marcos Fire Protection District. For more information, please call Battalion Chief Rick Vogt at (760) 744‐1050.

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