San Marcos Unified School District Teachers Plan Demonstrations on Thursday 4.28.11

This email was sent out by  Kevin D. Holt,  Superintendent San Marcos Unified School District

Dear San Marcos Unified School District Families:

I want to inform you that beginning tomorrow our teachers plan to demonstrate their concern over the state of education funding and the impact it is having on our district employees through organized activities before and after school.

These activities are by design conducted to raise awareness. Subsequently, you should expect to see teachers carrying signs near each campus before and after school.

I want to prepare you for these activities, and assure you that it is within our employees’ rights to actively demonstrate and express their positions, as long as it is outside of their contractual duty day, they are off campus and do not impede your access to the school grounds.

Thank you in advance for using this opportunity to remind our students the power and privilege of democracy and each individual’s right to organize peaceful public gatherings.

Of course, please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions or concerns.


Kevin D. Holt, Ed.D.


San Marcos Unified School District



  • Good for them, but if they cause traffic to back up more than what it it already does on a school day they will get even less sympathy from me.

    • Wow, Commuter, what a brilliant reaction. You look like a very inspired and inspiring person.

      • I was pleased to experience a pleasant commute on the 28th to go to my job to earn a living to help the contribution to our state to fund their salaries, and benefits.

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