SANDAG seeks public input on new Regional Plan


On April 24, the SANDAG Board of Directors approved the release of the draft San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan (Draft Regional Plan), including its Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), which combines the big picture vision for how the San Diego region will grow over the next 35 years with an plan for making that vision a reality. Developed in partnership with the region’s 18 cities and county government, the Draft Regional Plan builds upon local planning efforts, emphasizing the link between land use planning and transportation planning.

During the month of May, SANDAG will hold seven workshops throughout the region to provide opportunities for the community to learn and comment on the Draft Regional Plan. Three public workshops will include a live-streaming option over the internet for those who are not able to attend the workshop in-person. The workshops also will feature panel discussions with community members on transportation, environment, healthy communities and economic issues related to the Plan.

For more information and workshop dates, please view the workshop flier, also available at

To attend a workshop, please RSVP to Rose Farris at (619) 595-5337, or via the SANDAGregion Facebook events page.

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