Special San Marcos School District Meeting Thursday 3/24 at 4:00PM

Did you know your child may be sitting in a classroom with 32 kids at San Eljio Hills Elementary School next school year K – 5th grade?

Did you know due to this large class size and lack of funding from the state of California and school, your child’s Art, Science, and Music may be affected next year.

Did you know K-12 Public Education has not been “spared” in the 2011 California budget. In short, the Governor’s preliminary budget is contingent upon revenue derived from the extension of current temporary taxes which would otherwise expire on July 1, 2011. Without these tax extensions, our california schools could lose an additional $5 billion in funding or $900/student. As of today, the legislature has not agreed to allow the people of California the right to vote on the tax extensions that are set to expire July 1st. A 2/3rds vote of the legislature is required to bring the vote to the people and this initiative/bill is 5 votes short.


Go to the San Marcos School District meeting Thursday, March 24 at 4pm at 255 Pico Avenue, San Marcos, CA 92069 in the Media Center –  San Elijo Hills is specifically on the agenda.

  • Send an email to all the San Marcos School District members your concerns and possible solutions.
  • Get Educated – Listen to Dr. Holt the San Marcos Superintendent Podcast regarding the San Marcos School District Budget.
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors and bring the community together and be advocates for the children and their education.
  • You can participate with your San Elijo Hills neighbors and send an email letter to your legislators today. Without your support,there may not be a chance to preserve even the minimal funding our schools have today.  This letter to your legislators is telling them, the citizens of California, want the right to vote in a special election to extend current taxes that would avoid devastating budget cuts to education. Currently, several legislators are blocking this election from taking place! Take action today! Our kids and our schools cannot sustain losing an additional $5 billion in budget cuts!
  • For more information please visit  www.educateourstate.org. click on the “Let Us Vote!” link to send an email letter to your state legislators.


  • San Marco, Don’t believe a word the union “boss” DeVries says, he is a complete liar. They have known for years this was coming and they still took there raises year after year. All the while the district has cut programs and raised classroom sizes to accommodate the Union demands, all with money directly off your kids backs. Now the district is at its end of being bullied and the Unions finally have to take a cut. Welcome to the recession folks. raising taxes is not the answer! RUNNING A FISCALLY PRUDENT DISTRICT IS THE ANSWER. If you vote for Brown’s taxes you will pay more and still get less because it will only go to raises! Stop the madness.

  • Ilove the fact that you are miles away and still so passionate about what is going on here. Keep preaching we need more out there like you!

  • Hey David, don’t waste your time here. It’s a lefty echo chamber (as you probably gathered from the ratings).

    The concept that there is not Santa Claus/tooth fairy/Easter bunny/free lunch, and that just talking about something over and over again isn’t enough to actually make it happen is alien to the Realtors and marketing folk that are the core constituency of this blog.

    Reality will set in, and they will blame those of us who tried to avert the crisis, because it just is impossible for the left to understand that the real world is not a matter of opinion, or open to spin.

    We’re bankrupt folks. We paid teachers to retire early, and so now owe CALSTRS a huge lump sum payment, due to the low returns of the stock market over the past 10 years. The Unions refuse to make pensions defined contribution as opposed to defined benefit, and they spike salaries in the last year, making things even worse. The administrators feather-bed, and at the end of the day, our kids get hosed by class sizes so large that the teachers can barely maintain order, never mind teach.

    What’s he point in buildign new classrooms and campuses with our bond $ (which will cost us many hundreds of millions of $ more than budgeted due to the credit crisis in muni bonds), when we can’t even pay enough teachers to use the classrooms we have, and won’t be for the foreseeable future, since more $ get spent on retirees and admin than teachers.?

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