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San Marcos City Council Approves Massive Development Plan – NBC 7 San Diego

San Marcos City Council Approves Massive Development Plan Some residents are concerned it’s too much change while others are looking forward to new housing options

San Marcos is moving forward with a massive development project, but not without a little bit of pushback from the community. Tuesday, the City Council voted in favor to develop a desirable 87-acre parcel just west of Cal State San Marcos and east of the San Marcos Creek.

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San Marcos rethinking downtown development plan – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Facing high demand for housing and less call for retail space, San Marcos is overhauling a decade-old plan that outlines what sort of development will go into is long-desired downtown core. City officials, looking for public input to help reshape the downtown plan, will hold a community workshop to tackle the topic next month. The goal is to have plan updated by next summer.For years, San Marcos has dreamed of building a mix of retail, office and housing to create — from scratch — a downtown core in an area it has dubbed the Creek District. The Creek District Specific Plan outlines what can be built and where. It includes 214 acres straddling the San Marcos Creek, parallel to San Marcos Boulevard, in the area of Bent Avenue, Grand Avenue and Discovery Street.The original plan called for roughly 2,300 residential units, 1.2 million square feet of retail space and 589,000 square feet of office space. READ MORE VIA Source: San Marcos rethinking downtown development plan – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Work to update the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan

Work to update the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan is well underway. Over the past month, the project team and San Marcos Creek Oversight Committee have been focused on developing land use alternatives for the Creek District with the goal of providing balanced and flexible land uses.

The San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Oversight Committee provided a progress report to the San Marcos City Council on Tuesday, June 27 and held its monthly meeting on Monday, July 24.

During the progress report, an overview of the planning effort and latest land use alternatives were presented.

Appointed by City Council, the Oversight Committee is a group of 15 individuals that represent the business community and residents of San Marcos responsible for monitoring the progress of the Specific Plan Update and making recommendations to City Council.

All Oversight Committee meetings are open to the public and community members are welcome to attend. A community workshop is slated for September 19 from 6 to 8 pm at City Hall (see below).

Upcoming key project dates and events include:

  • San Marcos Creek District Oversight Committee Meeting #6
    Monday, August 28 at 6 pm
    Valley of Discovery Conference Room, City Hall
    1 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos

  • Community Workshop #1
    Tuesday, Sept. 19 from 6 to 8 pm (corrected from previous email)
    Council Chambers, City Hall
    1 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos

Project information and materials from the Oversight Committee meetings are available on the city’s project website at www.san-marcos.net/creekdistrict.

The City of San Marcos is piecing together creek project

SAN MARCOS — The city of San Marcos has started eminent domain proceedings to acquire small portions of several residential properties that stand in the way of a long-planned project to overhaul San Marcos Creek and build two new bridges in the area.

Source: San Marcos piecing together creek project | SanDiegoUnionTribune.com

San Marcos still has room for major developments

University District in San Marcos

The city of San Marcos still has room for large-scale projects, although the lack of redevelopment funds may make construction difficult.

Along with many projects, the 214-acre San Marcos’ Creek District Specific Plan was about to be implemented when the state of California eliminated redevelopment agencies in 2012.

While that financing vehicle is gone, city officials and developers are proceeding on the assumption the money will somehow be cobbled together.

Located along San Marcos Creek, between Discovery Street and San Marcos Boulevard, the plan calls for 2,300 residential dwelling units, 1,265,000 square feet of retail and as much as 589,000 square feet of office space.

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New momentum for San Marcos Creek District | UTSanDiego.com

New momentum for San Marcos Creek District

City secures $26M in grants; first project approved

— After years of inactivity because of the economy and the demise of redevelopment agencies, there’s new momentum this year behind plans to create a large shopping and housing district on a 217-acre flood plain in the heart of San Marcos.

City officials recently secured $26 million in federal and state grants needed for $47 million in infrastructure work aimed at making the mostly empty area more appealing to developers.

That work is expected to begin in fall 2016 and conclude two years later, said Mike Edwards, the city’s director of public works.

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San Marcos Development Updates

View from top-TJ to Catalina

This custom Google Map, http://www.sanmarcoshighlands.com/sanmarcosdevelopments.html, was created by layering all of the projects found in the official San Marcos development update doc (www.ci.san-marcos.ca.us/index.aspx?page=356) and specific plan areas found in the General Plan (www.ourcityourfuture.com).

We share this information with San Elijo Hills to give viability to all that is going on in San Marcos, as we consider the impact of shopping, dinning, educational  and recreational open space needs.

More info on the Creek District / University District, here is website that shows the vision… http://www.northcity.co/# Read more

San Marcos awarded $1 million grant for San Marcos Creek District

The City of San Marcos accepted a $1 million grant on Nov. 28 from the California Natural Resources Agency to help construct a portion of the San Marcos Creek District. The grant funds will help pay for construction of the Creekside Promenade, a nearly one-mile, multi-use trail that will meander along San Marcos Creek with open space areas and amenities. It will also restore more than three acres of adjacent riparian habitat through re-vegetation of native flora and stormwater management practices.

“This grant is another step in the right direction in terms of moving this project forward,” said City Manager Jack Griffin.

The San Marcos Creek District is a 214-acre comprehensive “downtown” plan for San Marcos that will include mixed-use development, a 73-acre habitat preserve, environmental enhancements, and infrastructure improvements like streets, parkways, bridges and flood control.

The San Marcos Creek District is centrally located within San Marcos. It is adjacent to San Marcos Boulevard, the City’s primary commercial corridor, and a mile or less from the San Marcos Town Center, Cal State San Marcos and Palomar College. The project is bounded on the north by San Marcos Boulevard, on the south and west by Discovery Street, and on the east by Grand Avenue and SR-78.

The City received the environmental permits necessary to move forward with the project in February 2012. Shortly thereafter, vegetation clearing began in order to prepare the site for the first phase of public infrastructure improvements between Bent Avenue and Via Vera Cruz. These improvements are in the final stage of design and include habitat restoration/expansion; installation of a flood wall and linear park along Discovery Street; widening of Discovery Street; construction of Creekside Drive; and construction of the Creekside Promenade.

The California Natural Resources Agency awarded more than $34 million in funding for 33 proposed river parkway projects statewide. The competitive grant program is administered by the secretary for natural resources and awards funds to public agencies and non-profit organizations to develop river parkways in their communities.

“The river parkway grants help communities connect residents with nature, promote public health by providing families with greater outdoor recreational opportunities and protect the rivers that provide clean water,” explained California Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird.

Bugs and worms steal spotlight in wetland restoration (San Marcos Creek District) | UTSanDiego.com

Regulators are shifting from chemistry to biology as they manage stream health

As waterways go, San Marcos Creek is hardly iconic. Even in the spring, it’s barely noticeable next to the city’s hardware stores, banks and eateries.

But the stream has quietly gained regional significance as a test case for an emerging approach to regulating water quality that has broad implications for businesses, residents and aquatic species across California.

Instead of just minimizing the amount of various contaminants in the creek, regional pollution police will regulate how insects, worms and snails fare as San Marcos develops the “creek district.” A permit issued in January by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board was the first of its kind in the region to include biological performance of a waterway as an enforceable standard.

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