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San Elijo Life Election poll results

Here are some early results from our election poll -You can still vote Click Here

RESULTS as of 9.27.10

What do you think are the most important election issues?

(vote for top 3)

Improving Quality of Life (Trails, Parks, Events) 13.21%(14 votes)

Budgets 1.89% (2 votes)

Future Housing Development 7.55% (8 votes)

Traffic 1.89% (2 votes)

Protecting Open Spaces 9.43% (10 votes)

Crime 8.49% (9 votes)

San Elijo Hills Town Center Development27.36% (29 votes)

Proposition K 13.21% (14 votes)

Future Projects- Creek & University District7.55% (8 votes)

Foreclosure Blight 7.55% (8 votes)

Total Votes: 106