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Hand, Foot and What Disease?

Summer fun can also bring on summer illnesses. A common one is hand, foot and mouth disease. This virus can spread easily, and usually affects children five and under. Dr. Jaime Friedman reviews the symptoms, treatments, and prevention in her blog, which you can READ HERE. Hint – make sure the pool you’re kids are swimming in is properly chlorinated!

Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG), in partnership with Rady Children’s Health Network, is dedicated to offering outstanding healthcare for your kids, from birth through age 18. One visit to our website can help you find a doctor, explain why CPMG is right for you and allow you to view videos on our doctors and other health topics.

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The Lowdown on Sunscreen


The Lowdown on Sunscreen

Lotion or spray? What SPF number is best for your kids? Is “organic” sunscreen really organic? We’ve got the answers to your questions! Dr. Jaime Friedman’s latest blog covers all the bases to help you choose the best sunscreen this summer. Read her full blog HERE.

For more healthcare information for kids, be sure to visit our website to find a doctor, get the latest information on children’s health topics and find out why CPMG is right for you. In partnership with Rady Children’s Health Network, we’re the region’s only pediatric medical network specializing in children’s health, from birth through age 18.

Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG) wants your children to be healthy!

Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG) wants your children to be healthy!  Here’s a great article by CPMG pediatrician Dr. Christine Wood, with some tips on nutritionally sound snacks for active kids!

Pre and post game snacks

And don’t forget, CPMG has multiple pediatric offices in your area!  With over 300 San Diego and southern Riverside pediatricians and pediatric specialists at more than 50 offices, we’re close by for all of your kids’ healthcare needs.  Please visit our website or call today!

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Children’s Physicians Medical Group Video from the San Elijo Hills 5k

Take a look at our latest YouTube video (Click Here) , to watch an interview with Chris Fitzsimmons, Director of The Academy at San Elijo Hills and 5k organizer.  Chris talks about the importance of kids staying active, and what it means when community sponsors, such as CPMG, support local events.  Also, the McFadden’s of San Elijo Hills share their thoughts on participating in the race as a family.  Please remember CPMG if you or a friend are searching for a pediatrician or pediatric specialist.  Visit our website or visit us on Facebook

Children’s Physicians Medical Group Is In Your Neighborhood!

CPMG is San Diego’s largest pediatric-only medical group!   With over 300 San Diego and southern Riverside pediatricians and pediatric specialists at over 50 offices, we are in your neighborhood.  Our sole focus is kids’ health, and we support San Diego area children and their healthy and active lifestyles.

We are pleased to bring you a series of youth athlete training videos this month!  Please follow the link to view a group of videos which demonstrate age-appropriate exercises for youth athletes.  You can view this group of videos by following this link and selecting the appropriate age group for your athlete(s):  Age-Appropriate Exercises

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