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San Elijo Town Center to break ground in summer – The Coast News Group

SAN MARCOS — After years of delays, it appears the developer of San Marcos’ San Elijo Hills community is ready to start work on the second phase of the community’s Town Center.City officials said they are expecting San Elijo Hills Development Co. to break ground on the lower portion of the town center this summer, after the city approves its grading plan and building permits.“Final grading plan approvals and building permits are expected to be completed by this summer, which are the final steps in the …Read More Via Source

Read More Via Source: San Elijo Town Center to break ground in summer – The Coast News Group

San Elijo Hills Towncenter Update from San Elijo Hills Development Company & Ambient Communities

San Elijo Hills Towncenter Update from San Elijo Hills Development Company & Ambient Communities 
Dear San Elijo Hills Residents,

As an update to last year’s town hall meeting (during which we shared the designs that you’ve seen reflected on the banners in the Towncenter), we are happy to report that we have been working cooperatively with Ambient Communities, and the City of San Marcos toward finalized designs and approvals for the second phase of San Elijo Hills Towncenter.

In that effort, we are very hopeful to receive a Site Development Permit before the end of March. Assuming we and the City are able to meet this important milestone, we intend to process the Precise Improvement Plans starting in March so that we can begin grading by early June. Vertical construction is planned for September, with the first shops opening their doors around April of 2018.

Ambient has been actively considering leasing interest for the past many months and looks forward to announcing the first businesses by mid-Summer of this year. A sincere thank you to many of you who have referred the Towncenter to businesses you would like to see open shop here in your community.

As we progress over the next several months, we will continue to provide updates to our efforts and refinements to these anticipated timelines.

San Elijo Hills Development Company & Ambient Communities

#Live tonight with Facebook Live video stream of the San Elijo Hills Town Center update

San Elijo Hills

We will go #live tonight with Facebook Live video stream of the San Elijo Hills Town Center update from the developer Ambient Communities.  Please tell your friends and neighbors. 

Ambient will share proposed plans and elevations for development in the second phase of San Elijo Hills Town Center. You can also watch the recording after the event.

Follow us for live updates and post event recordings at: https://www.facebook.com/SanElijoLife

San Elijo Hills Town Center Informational Meeting

San Elijo Hills Town Center

San Elijo Hills Town Center Informational Meeting:

Ambient Communities will share proposed plans and elevations for development in the second phase of San Elijo Hills Town Center on May 25th at 6:00 pm at the San Elijo Hills Middle School. Residents are encouraged to attend and provide feedback to the proposed plans.

Please call the San Elijo Hills Visitor’s Center with any questions at 760-798-1765.

San Elijo Hills Towncenter Update

 San Elijo Hills Town Center Development

Happy Friday, San Elijo! For those of you anxious to hear more about the towncenter (that’s pretty much everyone!)… we…

Posted by San Elijo Hills on Friday, March 11, 2016

San Elijo Hills Town Center Update from San Elijo Hills Development


As a follow up to our recent Towncenter update, we are pleased to share that we have entered into a purchase and sale…

Posted by San Elijo Hills on Monday, November 9, 2015

SAN ELIJO HILLS TOWNCENTER UPDATE from San Elijo Hills Development Company

San Elijo Hills Town Center Development

SAN ELIJO HILLS TOWNCENTER UPDATESan Elijo Hills Development Company is thrilled to share that we are working with an…

Posted by San Elijo Hills on Monday, September 21, 2015

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San Elijo Hills Town Center Traffic Study

San Elijo Hills Town Center

You may have noticed a traffic study going on in San Elijo Hills Town Center. This is what we have learned so far.

Based on concern and suggestions from some San Elijo Hills residents, The City is currently conducting a traffic study to address safety concerns. We expect The City of San Marcos Traffic Engineers will tentatively present the findings of studies and recommendations to the Traffic Commission in April or May 2015. The Traffic Commission meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. in The City Council Chambers at the San Marcos Civic Center. At the Commission meetings residents can provide testimony and express concerns about San Elijo Hills and San Marcos traffic issues. The Sheriff Department also encouraged attendance at last weeks Community Meeting in San Elijo Hills.

The traffic signals in the San Elijo Hills Town Center are programmed with 3.2 seconds of yellow time, and 1 second of all red clearance time, which is in compliance with the California Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The programming of all traffic signals, statewide must comply with these standards.

Pedestrian encountering right turning traffic (in the case of one-way streets, left turning) vehicular conflicts is being addressed by recently activating a feature called “advanced pedestrian walk” which will release the pedestrians before releasing the vehicular traffic. This should give the pedestrians a few seconds head start to start their walk and step into the crosswalk to become visible to the drivers before vehicular traffic get their green light.

Guest Post-Nicolas Jonville on San Elijo Hills Town Center


Nicolas Jonville with the Jonville Team/Keller Williams Realty, and San Elijo Hills homeowner for over 10 years, was present at the meeting and also participated in the public discussions at the neighborhood “Town Center Development” meeting.

Because of his experience in the San Elijo Hills Real Estate market and recently its commercial aspect, we felt that his input (Guest Post) might help to shed some light on the town center project. His thoughts to follow-up on the meeting and our last posting of Dec 8th, “San Elijo Hills Town Center Proposed Development Meeting”, are the following:

Like most homeowners present at the meeting, I was disappointed with the plans presented, suggesting a large-scale reduction of the commercial space compared to the original proposals.  I believe that, if properly designed and planned, the town center would be a great success and attract both San Elijo residents and residents of surrounding communities.  Residents have been waiting for a real town center. A town center that you can walk to with your family, browse, shop, eat and get together with friends and neighbors.

At the meeting, HomeFed representatives mentioned that they had concerns regarding the success of a large-scale commercial town center (as originally planned), also mentioning that their commercial real estate broker was having difficulties in locating interested tenants for the planned/potential commercial spaces.

  • We recently experienced first hand in San Elijo the response from retail entrepreneurs and businesses. Our real estate team successfully leased over 90% of the original Visitor Center building (1215 San Elijo Rd) for the landlord in just a few months. 10 business suites were leased upstairs to quality, professional tenants. We also were in charge, beginning in June 2013, of finding a tenant for the downstairs retail space/café/restaurant next to our office and had multiple interested parties. As mentioned at the meeting, we had 5 – 6 very interested parties for this larger space (over 15 inquiries). The owners of Café Stoked, also San Elijo residents, had great ideas, were the best fit for the space and now operate a thriving business. They just received their beer/wine license and are going to be open for dinner soon.
  • Our findings during our marketing of the building were the following:
    • Many restaurateurs did not find that the space would meet their requirements due to the lack of a full-sized kitchen and the indoor space was too small for their needs.
    • Many business owners and entrepreneurs (most of them San Diego County based businesses) responded to our marketing, but the space was no longer available or not appropriate for their business. Among the various requests were: veterinarian, retail boutique/gift shop, multi-boutique store (as on Cedros in Solana Beach), etc.
  • Considering our experience with commercial space in the neighborhood, I believe that some of the new stores need to be larger in size than the current Market Walk stores, but the current proposal is for stores of same or similar size. Some larger spaces (combined with smaller ones) would allow to attract a few larger anchor tenants who would also bring in some shoppers/visitors from outside of San Elijo and help support the rest of the businesses. This is in essence why most retail centers have some brand name stores, or staple stores…to bring in the traffic.
  • I believe that one of the buildings could be office suites and could easily be leased to professionals such as accountants, attorneys, therapists, etc.
  • I am convinced that businesses can thrive in San Elijo Hills with the support of the residents and visitors, but it is also important for the lease price of the space to be a fair market price allowing the businesses to thrive.

The input of residents at the meeting was inspired, creative and constructive. It was productive for HomeFed to reach out to the community for input. The community is obviously looking forward to a larger scale town center than what was proposed and hopefully all parties can get together to find a win-win plan.

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