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San Marcos bond refi cuts Mello-Roos taxes in San Elijo neighborhoods – The San Diego Union-Tribune

The city of San Marcos refinanced municipal bonds in June to save some San Elijo property owners $120 to $450 per year in Mello-Roos taxes.“We are trying to be prudent, and whenever we can, with any of our (community facilities districts,) make sure we are getting the best interest rate and moving forward for our taxpayers,” said Finance Director Laura Rocha. Mello-Roos districts are authorized by a 1982 California law which allowed local governments to finance infrastructure improvements and services through special districts. Facilities covered by those bonds include roads, sidewalks, water and sewer lines, police and fire stations. Those special taxes are usually included annually in property tax bills issued by the county. Benefiting from favorable bond markets this year, the San Marcos Public Financing Authority reduced interest rates on $20.6 million in bonds for a number of San Elijo neighborhoods, slashing net interest from 4.82 percent to 3.55 percent, officials said. That produced total savings of about $3.9 million to 882 property owners in the San Elijo communities of Saverne, Azure, Cambria, Woodley’s Glen, Crest View, Waterford, Village Square and Westridge. Savings to individual property owners vary, based on the square footage of their homes, with condominiums typically paying a lower tax rate than single-family homes, said Fiscal Services/Debt Manager Roque Chiriboga. The 31-year Mello-Roos bonds covered the cost of sidewalks, lighting and other infrastructure for the communities, and will mature in 2035. The refinancing reduces annual payments, but will not extend the term of the bond, officials said.The new bond issue, which closed June 6, marks the final step in a series of refinancing efforts to bring down rates in the city’s Mello-Roos districts, Chiriboga said.“Our previous refinances started in 2012, when we initially started seeing the market come down,” he said.As districts became eligible for refinancing, the city issued new bonds at lower rates. It completed three bond refinancing efforts in 2012, one in 2014, and the final one this summer, he said. Those efforts cut bond rates for 5,533 property owners by a total of $23,543,126, officials said.“We try to be very diligent in making sure we are capturing any savings throughout the term of the bond,” Rocha said.

Source: San Marcos bond refi cuts Mello-Roos taxes in San Elijo neighborhoods – The San Diego Union-Tribune


San Elijo Hills Town Center Traffic and Safety Update

San Elijo Hills Town Center

Last week the traffic commission of San Marcos held a meeting in which several improvements were authorized for the San Elijo Hills Town Center to improve pedestrian safety.

Here is the list of items.

  1. All six of the traffic lights had their yellow times and all red times changed.  Some were made longer and some were made shorter in accordance with state guidelines.  Watch for the changes.  All had their all red light times lengthened in order to give an extra cushion of time.
  2. All six of the intersections will have new cross walks painted with piano key type strips.  This should give motorists a better sense that this is a shopping area meant for walking.
  3. Two new radar speed signs will be installed on San Elijo road.  One between Schoolhouse way and Elfin Forest just before the speed change to 25 MPH.  The other will be installed just before the Chevron station before Baker Street also where the speed changes to 25 MPH.  These signs will have the ability to tally speeders, the times of day that speeding occurs, number of cars and more data about traffic flows.  That information will be sent to the sheriff’s office that can then better staff officers for enforcement if necessary.
  4. The 25 MPH zone on San Elijo Road that starts after you cross Elfin Forrest will be moved to the other side of the road toward Schoolhouse way to slow traffic before the Elfin Forrest traffic light.
  5. The 45 MPH speed change after Baker Street once you pass the Chevron station will be moved closer to Baker Street.  Right now you are supposed to continue at 25 MPH till you pass the 45 MPH sign down San Elijo road.
  6. Last, I am not sure how many of the traffic lights will be getting what is called RAT indicators, but they will be installed on some of the traffic lights.  They allow officers to stay on the cross streets not in your view from San Elijo road and determine if a red light has been violated for ticketing purposes, so be aware of this change.

It is expected that the changes will be made over the next three months.  After that, once the statistics come in from the radar speed signs, the changes will be evaluated in order to determine if more changes are necessary.  It has been determined that the current three school zone radar signs are not working properly and are past there useful life but there is no money in the current budget to change them.  My hope is that can be accomplished next year.

Elliot Herman

Meridian Neighborhood Representative

Editors note-Thanks to Elliot for providing this report

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Local Boy Scouts to label San Elijo Hills storm drains

A local San Elijo Hills Boy Scout troop in conjunction with The City of San Marcos, will be labeling storm drains in several San Elijo Hills neighborhoods as part of a eagle project for Dylan Dorny’s Eagle Project. Look for the troop and Dylan Tuesday, August 25th and Thursday August 27th 8am – 12pm. 

Veterinary Workshop for High School Students!

Veterinary Workshop for High School Students!

Back by popular demand Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo is pleased to offer our next veterinary workshop on Wednesday, August 5th! This class is open to high school students and will be held from 2:30 to 4:30. Students interested in a career in veterinary medicine are strongly encouraged to attend.

Veterinary Medicine 101

Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo

The Art of Physical Examination

This course will cover:

                  – How to perform a thorough physical examination on a dog

`                 – How to measure a dog’s vital signs

                  – How to evaluate a dog’s body condition

                  – How to use a stethoscope, otoscope and ophthalmoscope

Classes will be interactive lecture followed by a hands-on laboratory component. This class will be taught and directly supervised by a veterinarian. Gentle, friendly pets will be provided for students to learn physical examination skills. Enrollment is extremely limited and classes will be filled on a first come first served basis. Registration is 40.00 per student and is due in cash or check on the day of the workshop. Parents will be notified of your student’s registration status by e-mail. Refreshments will be provided.

Please visit our website at www.sanelijovet.com to fill out a registration form for your student. If you have questions or would like additional information please call our office at 760-736-3636.

Some photos from our similar workshop offered for middle school children. It was a huge success!


San Elijo Hills API Test Scores

API standardized tests  for San Elijo Hills area schools data released Thursday morning.

2012 Growth            2011 Base 

San Elijo Middle                 914                              903

San Elijo Elementary       943                              947

San Marcos High               858                              858

San Elijo Hills town planning inspired by ‘new urbanism’ | UTSanDiego.com

San Elijo Hills Article in San Diego UT

If I were to add up my experience so far on the new home builder scene, it might be said that a tour of San Elijo Hills exemplifies a culmination of the aspects of the local building industry that I have learned.San Elijo Hills has it all: master planning, walkability, sustainable building practices, smart designs of single family detached and multi-family homes, and mixed-use projects within a town center.I started my recent visit to this new homes community at the San Elijo Hills Visitor Center, which is located in the town center 1231 Elfin Forest Road West, Suite 111.

READ MORE via San Elijo Hills town planning inspired by ‘new urbanism’ | UTSanDiego.com.

San Elijo Elementary PTO Updates

Islands Dine Out
The March dine-out will be held at Islands in Encinitas on Monday, March 26th, from 4:00pm-9:00pm, with 20% of all food and beverage purchases going back
to SEES.

Fundraising Corner
It’s Otis cookie time again! The Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser began last Friday and ends on April 6th. Otis Spunkmeyer offers ready-to-bake frozen cookie dough, plus pretzels and brownies. Each item sells for $16.00. Prizes will be given out to students for selling 1 or more items. Please look for details in the packets that went home with your child last week. 40% of the proceeds benefit SEES PTO funded programs. Thanks for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Gallagher and Nilda O’Reilly at seesfundraisingevent@gmail.com

Multicultural Night March 30th
Join us for an evening of entertainment, display boards and a chance to learn about the many cultures found at our school on Friday, March 30 from 6-8p. This event is sure to be a wonderful experience for our entire SEES community! If celebrating your culture and country of origin with others is something that interests you, please consider being part of the

SEES Multicultural Night!
• Is there a neat tradition your family started way back when?
• Can your family speak another language besides English?
• Do you know musicians, dancers or other types of ethnic performers to invite?
• Would your family like to put together a display board representing your country of origin?
• Are you willing to share some textiles, musical instruments, crafts, maps, flags, currency or photos?

If you would like to help, please email seessocial@yahoo.com

Mother/Son Kick Ball T-shirts
The annual mother/son kick ball event will be held on Friday, May 11th. Purple order forms for mother/son kick ball t-shirts were distributed via the Wednesday envelope last week. If you need another copy, you can download it from the SEES website. Orders are due to the PTO Box located outside of the Front Office by Wednesday, April 4th. Checks made payable to VDEFSEES or cash are accepted. Shirts will be distributed to your child’s classroom on Friday, May 4th. You do NOT need to purchase a t-shirt to participate in the event. Questions regarding the  shirt order can be sent to seesspirit@yahoo.com.

Get Your 2011-2012 SEES Yearbook
Yearbooks for sale! Our yearbook will be in full color again this year. Pre-order yours today for $20 each at www.jostensyearbooks.com. Only online orders are being accepted. If you have any questions, please contact the yearbook staff at seesyearbooks@gmail.com. We sold out last year! Don’t wait until the last minute

Country Fair
Thank you to all the families and business owners who have responded to the Sponsorship Match Program for the Country Fair Fundraiser. In case you haven’t heard, an anonymous donor has pledged to match all NEW Country Fair Sponsorships up to TEN thousand dollars. In just two weeks, your support has been amazing! We are currently at $3,195 in NEW sponsorships and are hoping to hit our goal of 10K. With many game booths still available, it’s not too late to participate and help the PTO reach their goal! If you have any
questions please email seescorporate@gmail.com. Thank you for supporting SEES!

Here are some other things that are needed to help make this year’s Country Fair a success. These items can be left in the community room in the box marked Country Fair Donations. The best time to access the box is before school, after school and on Wednesdays. Thank you to all the families that have donated items already.

  • Bake Sale contributions; please contact Juli Defillipis, julidefilippis@gmail.com.
  • Items for auction baskets; please contact Gail Gonzalez at gailgonz@hotmail.com.
  • Prizes for prize booths. Please contact Annette Bailey at sees@annettebailey.com to donate any extra party favors that you have left over.
  • The Candy mine is in need of hard, individually wrapped candy and tootsie pops for the lollipop tree. We also need pencils. If you have candy or pencils to donate, please contact Malia Goss at maliagoss@gmail.com.
  • The Maze Team needs strong men to come help with set up Friday, April 27th, the night before the fair. Please contact Erin Witt at erinwitt@cox.net.
  • We also need extra large ice chests and pop ups to use the day of the Fair. Please contact countryfair.sees@gmail.com.
  • Room parents sent home a letter requesting donations for classroom baskets and for help working at the Fair.
  • Contact your room parent if you did not receive this information.
  • Attention Middle School Students! Have fun while you earn community service hours at the Country Fair. If you can volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators at sees_volunteer@yahoo.com.
  • The Eagle has landed. Keep an eye out for the Eagle from the Angry Bird game. He will be a raffle ticket item to buy at presale ticket sales before the Fair.
  • More information on the Fair is coming: details, times, and schedule. Be on the lookout. Fun is in the air. For any questions or if you would like to help in any way, please email us at countryfair.sees@gmail.com. Thank you for your support.

San Elijo Elementary PTO updates and 2012/2013 Academic Calendar

Next Year’s SEES Academic Calendar for 2012/2013 is now available.

Its Otis Spunkmeyer cookie time again!
The Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser begins on Friday, March 23rd and ends on April 6th. Otis Spunkmeyer offers ready-tobake frozen cookie dough, plus pretzels and brownies. Each item sells for $16.00. Prizes will be given out to students for selling 1 or more items. Please look for details in the packets that will be going home with your child on Friday. 40% of the proceeds benefit SEES PTO funded programs. Thanks for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Gallagher and Nilda O’Reilly at seesfundraisingevent@gmail.com.

March Dine-out
The March dine-out will be held at Islands in Encinitas on Monday, March 26, from 4pm-9pm, with 20% of all food and beverage purchases going back to SEES.

Country Fair Donations
This year the SEES PTO has been presented with a terrific opportunity to raise funds for our annual Country Fair fundraiser. Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, we are able to DOUBLE EACH AND EVERY DOLLAR DONATED by all SEES families, friends, neighbors and businesses that make 2012 the first year they participate as a sponsor.
We are asking that you please consider sponsoring one of our fun Country Fair booths. Sponsorship levels begin at just $75.00. An anonymous donor will match every
dollar received by NEW sponsors for up to $10,000! For a list of booths yet to be sponsored, please go to http://www.smusd.org//site/Default.aspx?PageID=11467
Our goal is to raise $10,000 in new donations/sponsorships for the Country Fair, which will result in an additional donation of $10,000 for our school!
For reservations and information please contact: Anne Browne or Nicole Apostolakos, Community Sponsorship Team at seescorporate@gmail.com .

Country Fair Community Service Project
This year’s Country Fair Community Service Project is providing school supplies to students in need at all eleven SMUSD elementary schools in an effort to keep San Marcos students on P.A.C.E. for their education. We would appreciate students in each grade level bringing the following items to the collection box in the front office before the Fair or to the collection site on the day of the Fair.

  • Kindergarten: Crayons
  • First Grade: Glue sticks and colored markers
  • Second Grade: Highlighters and blue/black pens
  • Third Grade: Colored Pencils and Pencil Sharpeners
  • Fourth Grade: Spiral Notebooks and Index Cards
  • Fifth Grade: 3 ring binders

We appreciate any and all school supply donations for this worthwhile cause.

Mama Wants Her Body Back!

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Local fitness program for moms is giving back to San Elijo Hills schools! When you register before Jan 9th, San Elijo and Discovery Elementary moms can have $50 of their new client registration donated to their school’s PTO. Body Back is a fitness and nutrition program for moms of all ages. Created by local resident and Stroller Strides founding mom Lisa Druxman, Body Back is an eight week program designed to help you lose fat and gain strength, endurance, energy, and confidence.  Work out twice a week in a small group setting with a specially trained instructor. Choose between M/W 9:30 am or T/Th 6 am. Classes start Jan 9th and run through the beginning of March.

Classes include:

  • Before and after fitness assessments.
  • Meal plan and food journals
  • Two weekly workouts with your trainer and home workout DVD’s
  • Online coaching and support

“Like” us on facebook, “Body Back San Diego” or find out more at www.BodyBackWorkout.com .  Space is limited to 10. Reserve your spot today! Call 760-690-4088 or email s.hixon@bodybackworkout.com

Unleash your personal possibilities!

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