The 3rd Annual San Elijo Elementary Country Fair is this Saturday April 24 from 10 am to 4 pm

The 3rd Annual Country Fair on April 24 from 10 am to 4 pm
. The theme this year is “Welcome to Eagle Ranch Where Every Day is Earth Day.” This San Elijo Hills community event will raise funds for San Elijo Elementary while demonstrating to our children the importance and benefit of an eco-friendly environment.


  • So now we CAN have Religion in our public schools, as long as it’s “Environmentalism”.

    I wonder how fast we’d have lawsuits if we had “Every day is Jesus Day” as a theme?

    Eco-whatever s a religion, not science, and its managed to get itself Established into law.

  • Go troll somewhere else. We’ll all had enough of your blathering.

    • Who are “we”? I post using my real, full, name. The vast majority of the rest of “you” are too chicken to even use the same moniker most of the time.

      FWIW, I would imagine the owner of this blog is grateful for the hits. Regardless, it’s good for his google.

      • Tom,

        I’ll give you props for using your real name. However, your criticism of helping kids to become aware of limited resources is odd. You sound like a conservative guy so why should we not be conservative with our resources? What is wrong with showing kids that Americans are the most wasteful group of people on Earth? By the way, what kind of cars do you own?

      • I’ve recycled since before it was easy and popular. My eldest chore around the house, which I started him on at 3, is to gather and recycle beverage containers, which he now has the neighbors and his extended family, giving him.

        I was active in Greenpeace in the early ’80s, against nuclear waste dumping in the Irish Sea and North Atlantic, and Surfrider in the Early ’90s, against the power plant outfall in Redondo.

        Like Patrick Moore (co-founder of Greenpeace, whose views are now available at I have left the “Environmnetal Movement” because it has been taken over by a bunch of human hating Marxists, who have extended the Marxist “Proletatriat” to include all animals.

        Earth day is not about the conservative values of “waste not, want not”, but about earth worship and “4 legs good, two legs bad”. It is a religious festival of spring by and for Gaianists. As such, celebrating it in a public school is the same as having an Easter Mass there.

        You do know that one of the co-founders of Earth day was a murdering psychopath, right? Google Ira Samuel Einhorn.

        As far as “Cars”, think outside the box. If you’re to REALLY reduce the impact of transportation on our environment, you need to do much less of moving people around in metal boxes. So, everyone in my company telecommutes (not just me). That takes 6 people off the road for regular commuting. The vast majority of our meetings are done on gotomeeting, which has eliminated countless day trips for the sales reps, as well as at least one monthly set of plane rides for board meetings.

        The advantage of this, since I’m of the opinion that if something is truly a good idea it makes sense at many levels, and that stoic sacrifice usually is for the benefit of those who tell you to sacrifice, while they don’t (Al Gore’s house and Nancy Pelosi’s plane rides FE) is fourfold:

        1: I can hire the best at their job no matter where they live.

        2: People are willing to work for me for less than they would work for others because:
        a: They have a better lifestyle
        b: They get two hours of their day back, and don’t have the expense of commuting.
        c: They get really fast Internet connections to their home paid for.

        3: My staff are in a better mood because they haven’t had their nerves frayed by a commute, and aren’t’ wondering if the dog is bugging the neighbors, the kids are able to get back into the house after school, etc.

        4: It costs less. I can spend the money I save on office space rental on computers and hosting.

        As for my cars. Anyone who has been to one of the HOA meetings knows that one of them is a 1989 Jeep that I use for beach runs and my Baja race support. The other two are Audis. One is a 10 year old S-4 and the other is an 8 year old Allroad, both with the 2.7L twin turbo engine, both upgraded to RS-4 powerplants. All are paid for, and get driven less than 9K miles a year. All are tuned by a professional race mechanic (MIdnight Oil motors, Seth is great), and get much better gas mileage and performance than stock.

        Since one of the biggest lifetime impacts of a vehicle is its production and disposal, the fact that I keep my cars for so long, and keep them so that they all pass smog reliably (the Allroad was just smogged and produces 0ppm CO and NO, and 0.1 pppm HC, all of which are at the far low end of the tail of the bell curve), means that my environmental impact from transportation is less than those Priuses running around belching SMUG, especially when you take the battery pack into account.

        As for public transportation, especially trains, they only become less polluting if they are nearly full, which they almost never are, and the environmental impact of the infrastructure makes them worse than Airplanes (which, btw, per passenger, average 80MPG)

      • Nice reply. We should have a beer some time.

      • Her Wohl, I’m in the phone book. Would help to know at least your first name.

  • You are an ass. You are so negative on these posts.

    • SO I guess the accusations you leveled at Jeff in the election are positive? And your ad-hominem post above is the picture of civility?

      Apparently you can’t make a cogent argument against anyone’s position, so you attack them personally instead.

      I leave it to the reader to deduce what that implies about your intellect and education.

  • My comment was directed at Tom. I really do hope you don’t pass on your negativity to your children. God help them if you do. If you don’t like what the school is doing, either don’t go or send your kids to private school.

    • I send my kids to private school, since SEH elementary is actually overcrowded, although they manage to play games with class overlap to meet the letter, but not the spirit, of the 20 pupils per teacher law.

      I’m not “negative”, I’m just not perpetuating the “Emperor’s New Clothes” lie that SEH, as it is today, meets the “Vision” in any material way.

      If we’d had a HOA board that was going to work ON, as opposed to with (meaning for) the developer, then perhaps the reality might match the vision in some reasonable time frame.

      Breathless optimism is as toxic as, and often more so (“Peace in our time”, Neville Chamberlain) than, realism.

      These are hard times, they call for a grip on reality, as opposed to perpetuating the smoke and mirrors that got us into this mess.

  • Tom Byrnes just OWNED jawohl! Haha! That was classic.

    • Actually I still disagree with Tom’s initial argument and I think most would agree. At the same time though, I can appreciate the information detailed in his post as well as the way he made his arguments about the environment. DB, nice contribution to the discussion. You sound really intelligent.

      Hey Tom, still on for the beer when the pub opens, if you are.

      • I could add to an already dead discussion or I could just point out that you got schooled. I guess you know which path I took. I am sure you and your Prius are far too intellectually superior for me to engage in any kind of meaningful discussion anyway.

      • I’ll be happy to have a beer with you, but I’m not the only one who has made a very cogent argument that Environmentalism has become a religion.

        Ergo, it has no place in public education.

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