The City of San Marcos and SDG&E offer residents tips for staying warm this winter

As colder winter months approach, the City of San Marcos and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) officials wish to remind residents that there are several ways to stay warm and save on energy costs this season.

For starters, older homes may benefit from new windows, insulation and duct sealing. San Diego Gas and Electric has an energy upgrade incentive program to help make homes more energy efficient. The program also gives participants money back. Interested residents should visit to learn more. Also, space heaters are best for heating just one room. Homeowners may be spending more money on energy costs if they use multiple space heaters instead of using the home’s gas furnace to heat the entire house.

To learn more about staying warm and conserving energy, please visit

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  • Staying warm this winter, when you live in San Diego: it sounds like a joke.
    It is warmer here in the winter than it is in Seattle in the summer!

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