The Daily Dalia for 5.29

Well, Memorial Day is over but shopping is NEVER over! There were some great sales this weekend but the retail industry always finds a reason for a sale…next will be Father’s Day.

I have a tip for everyone, mostly men, about shopping. I recently told a male friend who asked for shopping help (he does not have much fashion sense) to go to a popular, hip store like The Gap and to check out the mannequins. You can get some great ideas. Just step back and look at everything, shirt, pants, belt, accessories…it really does help. And ASK the salesperson, they are very knowledgeable and I believe they really do enjoy helping. I know you men don’t like to ask for directions but this is different! TRY IT, because remember, if you don’t look good, the world doesn’t look good!


  • Looking good is important but feeling good about yourself is more important so people should dress to make themselves happy, even if that means dressing besides what you would see in a commercial. 🙂

  • Yes, I agree, but my point was if you don’t know what’s “in” then that is a way to start to learn. One of my favorite programs “What Not to Wear” shows that when you look good, you usually feel better about yourself. I dabbled in personal shopping and I saw it for my own eyes.

  • Dear Dalia,

    I’m budgeting and planning our summer family vacation. Should we go to Disneyland this summer? When is the best time to go as a family?
    How do we optimize our time at the park?

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