The Daily Dalia for 6.11

I know there are bigger problems in the world then finding a good nail salon but if there is anyone out there looking for one, try The Nail Lounge on Rancho Sante Fe Road in Carlsbad. I have ventured to other places for various reasons but always regret it after. The Nail Lounge is reasonably priced, no hassling you with up sells or hidden costs and you can sit back, relax without thinking the whole salon is talking about you (you salon frequenters know what I mean).

Oh, and if the woman that was there yesterday at about 2:00 having a conversation for a good 15 minutes to another woman at the other end of the salon is reading this, you should not do that, it is very inconsiderate. I would have to think most people don’t care about your children’s prom night. Note to self, bring Ipod next time.

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  • And put your cell phones on vibrate and only answer if it is an emergency. I’m begging all of you who know who you are. Cell phones do not belong in any type of “SALON” We all don’t care about Abby’s school play like you do.

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