• This is great! I can’t wait to try the pizza!

  • Is this place related to the Local place that’s downtown? http://www.thelocalsandiego.com

  • I so happy, we are finally getting pizza and beer and/or wine! 🙂

  • yahoo!!!!!!!!!

    • This is fabulous news! Someone said they couldn’t serve alcohol within 600 ft of a school, so that must have been misinformation. Yippee!

  • Since it’s down on the Albertson’s end of the strip, that actually may BE more than 600 feet from the front of the school, unless the city gave a waiver. Good news in either case!

  • There is only one”THE LOCAL”in san diego and this isnt it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOO come on peeps be original and come up with your own name

  • Better change the name!!!!! “The Local” is a trademarked name for The Local eatery and drinking hole in San Diego. It’s awesome to have a cool place in San Elijo, but you better CHANGE THE NAME!!!!!

  • folks I’m sure the name is TBD and will not jump any trains

  • “The Local – Pizza & Pints” is the official name

    Is there a website for them?

  • I didn’t think these places had kitchens. I wonder if they will be able to serve anything else besides pizza. Is there going to be a bar inside? Hope they can make it into a cool place.

  • Yes……A place that’s walking distance. Let’s get drunk! Pinch me is this a dream. I was about to move after 8 years living up here and now I think I will stay.

    • Aww Pete, makes me think of a song:

      “Why don’t we get drunk and” …

      Nothing surer to get the place closed by the watching eyes of Ron G. et al than a bunch of drunks in the town square.

      Let’s hope it becomes a gathering place, as opposed to a townie meat market and brawl fest. I remember how Yogi’s went to hell when I lived in Cardiff.

      • A townie meat market – I would say as long as you keep the ‘Townies’ from other parts of San Marcos out (including the college students), it wont become a meat market. Stone isnt a ‘Townie’ haven, neither is pizza port. Yogi’s is a beachside sports bar so not suprised it was taken over by drunk ‘townies’.

        Cant wait till it opens… If they are pouring microbrews, would love it if you could bring in growlers to fill up.

      • Janee Henderson

        We are very excited to be opening Hendo’s Local…. After a lot of hard work we are hoping that we will be open by mid may…
        Yes, it is going to be a cool place with great food… Having kids ourselves it will definitely be kid friendly…
        Our menu has appetizers, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and some great salads..
        We will also be housing many beers on drafts and some great wines.
        THank you for all of your support.
        Yes, there will be a website soon to come,…

  • We are ALL so excited about this opening!! I think it’s going be wildly popular! My only concern is the size……it seems awfully small. Is there even going to be a bar? Regardless, they are going to do very well in SEH.

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