Vallecitos uses citizen-driven report for innovative customer communication

Vellecitos Water District Office

Vallecitos uses citizen-driven report for innovative customer communication

San Marcos, CA – Always looking to improve the lines of communications with its customers, Vallecitos Water District recently posted to its web site and placed in its lobby an easy-to-understand, citizen-driven analysis covering District finances, projections and goals for the future.

To accomplish this, the District recently took part in the Association of Governmental Accountants’ (AGA) Citizen Centric Report. Composed of four pages, the profile on Vallecitos Water District offers an overview of the District’s key missions, service, revenue and future projections in a clear and understandable format that is accessible to all.

Ryan Strausbaugh, a recent graduate of California State University San Marcos, created the report following Association of Government Accountants guidelines as a project for his course work under Accounting Professor Alan K. Styles, Ph.D.  The report is available for review at or in the lobby at the District’s headquarters – 201 Vallecitos de Oro in San Marcos.

Vallecitos is just one of a few special districts to look to the Association of Governmental Accountants to foster innovative communications between government agencies and their customers.

The organization looking to make governments more accountable to their citizens and help Americans become better educated participants in the political process is a collaborative effort between the Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network and Association of Governmental Accountants.

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