Welcome Shane’s Pizza to San Elijo Hills


Good news for residents of San Elijo Hills in San Marcos: Hendo’s Pizza and Pints has closed and is in the process of becoming Shane’s Pizza. We all know that Hendo’s was famous for bad food and even worse (much, much worse) service. Fortunately for us, Shane has come to the rescue.

Shane is most recently from Washington State but when he saw the opportunity to open his own place in SEH he jumped at the chance. He has since moved his wife and young child into San Elijo Hills and hopes to be a permanent part or our community. It’s great to know that the new owner of our local pizza joint will be our neighbor as well. His parents who hail from Encinitas are over there helping out as well. It’s a real family joint now.

Shane is still in the process of getting moved into SEH so all the changes to the pizza place aren’t in place yet. But one thing that has definitely changed is the atmosphere. In my past two recon missions, everyone there has been friendly and welcoming. So while there are still many updates yet to come, there’s no need to wait any longer to get over there and introduce yourselves and say hi to the friendly new staff and let them know how much you look forward to some great pizza finally being offered here in San Elijo Hills.

Good luck Shane, we wish you the best.

Kevin Thomas-Checking out San Elijo Hills for San Elijo Life


  • “We all know that Hendo’s was famous for bad food and even worse (much, much worse) service.”

    This is seriously rude!

  • My husband was there for the Chargers game Monday night and was pleasantly surprised too! He actually spent some time talking with Shane who delivered him his beers. They talked extensively about the Hendo’s issues and he said that Shane was very aware and totally committed to changing the place. Said he was a great guy!! Looking forward to going myself with the kids.

  • The food at Hendo’s was really good. The service was not horrible, just not super friendly. And nobody I know feels their food is bad and the service worse. I can’t believe you would actually publish something so cruel. This was a family’s business and their livelihood. You have actually dissuaded me from trying Shanes–what if Shane is a jerk like you?

  • Just make sure they don’t use frozen pizza dough again…..!

  • I really liked the food at Hendos…but agree that service was not good. I literally had to check my order EVERY time and 9 times out of 10 it was wrong. So far Shane’s has been great customer service and order correct every time.

  • I’ve been there couple of times and never had a problem neither with the food nor with the service. The wording in this article was malicious and inappropriate and the author should apologize. Nonetheless, I wish the best of luck to Shane’s pizza.

  • Hendos Schmendos, only people that liked that place were The Maileys

  • As a newer resident of the Hills, I never witnessed the poor quality or service of Hendo’s. However, it difficult to imagine how it could possibly be any worse than Shanes. Two visits have resulted with incorrect orders, slow service (why even call ahead if they don’t begin making your food until you arrive?), and colorful language between the kitchen staff’s and cashiers’ banter. At least there aren’t any roaches, but then again, they probably don’t want to eat there either.

  • Thanks for your input, Mr. Hendo.

  • Thoughts and prayers, Hendo’s!

  • YO! Hendo’s is gone???? Where did they go? That was The Mailey’s jump-off, we’d walk in there and they’d yell, “Mailey’s are here!!!! Bust out the Chili MacSgetti!!!” When I was a young boy I remember Mr. Hendo opening the restaurant, the good times. The Mailey’s will try Shane’s, but the name just don’t roll off the tongue like Hendo’s did (it’s a cool word to say, like coolio).

  • The pizza was OK but it wasn’t bad. I always received good service from Hendo’s and never got an incorrect delivery/take out order.
    I am surprised at the all the bad comments about Hendo’s.

  • Wow, nothing like throwing Hendo’s in front of the bus. Nice article! Couldn’t be more rude, if you tried. Hendo’s was actually very good! Hendo’s was consistently packed on the weekends and my entire neighborhood loved the food. Shane should be ASHAMED of the wording in this article. You guys just did yourself in! RUDE, RUDE, RUDE. Tacky to the highest degree. Good luck, buddy.

  • This post is from a local SEH resident and is not paid for or endoresed by Shane’s. This post is a food critic style piece.

    We have covered local SEH area eateries since 2006. Please find the history of posts and comments in our archives.

    Thanks for participating in the discussion.

    San Elijo Life

  • While I was surprised at the negative tone of this piece, the author was not incorrect. Food was ‘survivable’ at best and the service was horrible. Mainly because they had absentee owners at the end of its run. No twenty something kids are gonna take pride in their service or food prep if the bosses live out of state. The reason I enjoyed and went to Hendo’s though was the beer list and the beer specials. I am disappointed that the cheapest craft brew is $6 now instead of $3.50. Been waiting for Shane to do something about that and have not seen anything yet. I cannot imagine the ambiance picking up though since its basically a brightly lit cafeteria on a concrete slab. Not exactly a relaxing environment. I now go to Relm because their beer is now the cheapest in town with a friendlier vibe and a nicer ambiance. Hopefully Shane puts some sort of regular beer special forth and I will be happy to try the place and the food again too.

  • Wow. What a dick article. Doesn’t even mention if you’ve even been in there, but you endorse it. Don’t quit your day job at Dick’s last resort.

  • I think it’s great that everyone is saying their opinion about the post. One thing I think is important.. It’s just one persons’ opinion. Nothing more nothing less.. The Hypocrisy is flowing tonight. Some are upset of the strong tone against Hendos/the food critic post yet some of those same individuals are responding in a similar way.. It’s not ok for one but ok for the other?? Interesting..

    You can’t tell me that Hendos had no clue of some of the negative feedback you see here. Those who do not have any negative experiences with Hendos and have no idea what I’m talking about?? Well you are the lucky ones. I personally felt their prices were high. I ordered a greek salad and received iceberg lettuce. Ordered again another visit.. same outcome. Told them, showed the menu description and they didn’t see anything wrong. The wait time for food was long and we usually received other people’s orders or visa versa. For me, it was a consistent pattern. However.. It didn’t stop me from going.. I just learned how to work around my frustrations and was able to continue to support the local business. I went there when it was not busy and when I was not short on time. We share food and I just didn’t order salad.

    I feel no restaurant experience will always be perfect.. Nothing is. Maybe our expectations need to adjust.. “Stuff happens” but isn’t it really about how restaurants respond to the “stuff happens?”

    Maybe it’s not really only about the food and service but more about having a place to connect with your family, friends and community. Then Hendos and now Shane’s. Maybe it’s about coming together and watching sports together, maybe going to Colorful Universe and then getting some pizza with your kiddos and their friends.. Maybe since Shane’s is a new restaurant in town; they are still working out their kinks?? I am grateful Shane’s is here in SEH and the other businesses on market walk. It’s great to have a local SEH resident whom wants to run a local business here. I feel we are lucky to live in an amazing community. I am excited and looking forward to trying Shane’s out..

    I’m kinda chuckling .. because myself included .. we are commenting a lot about a restaurant that is not even here in town anymore. Kinda irrelevant ..

  • Welcome to Shane and his commitment to taking on a restaurant in SEH. It is not easy. I encourage all residents to give Shane and his pizza place a chance and please think locally first. If you want restaurants down the street, then you need to support them first and then go out if that doesn’t fit the bill. Communicate with the owners and staff about what can be better, I guarantee we will fix it, we want to be successful and we depend on your business. I guarantee that no restaurant owner in SEH would be unhappy to hear any comment you have. But we need your business and your support. We ordered from Hendos all the time for our staff. It did what it said on the box, pizza, basic. You knew what you were getting. Please SEH residents, support your restaurants. Welcome Shane.

  • Some people didn’t like Hendo’s, and that is fine.
    But why Sanelijolife.com is posting an article so rude against Hendo’s, there are more positive ways of introducing Shanes.

  • Shane, I hope you read all these comments on the board. I run a small business myself (not restaurant, but many clients to please) and I think it’s always good to learn what NOT to do by listening to your clients complain about what the others do (or did, in this case) wrong. I just learned about the changeover and look forward to trying Shane’s. PLEASE somehow get rid of the cold, noisy, cafeteria ambiance if you can and if you haven’t already…starting with the frigid chairs and stools. That was the main reason I stopped coming. If I want a noisy dinner, I’ll stay home and let the kids watch Disney Channel while eating….hahaha;-)

  • There are only 3 restaurants (and I am using that term broadly). If Hendo’s was actually good it would have been packed on weekends and busy weekdays. There are over 7000 people living in SEH and pizza is about as universal as it gets. Yet Hendo’s was always much more than half empty. That says a lot.

    • Hendo’s was not good, but what has Shane’s done to be better than them?

      He has basically kept the same name (Hendo’s Pizza & Pints to Shane’s Pizza & Pints), the same exact menu, but raised the prices on food and beer.

      SEH did not like Hendo’s, so why does Shane and his parents think we’ll pay more money for the same low quality food?

  • Yes Shane’s is almost exactly the same as Hendo’s.
    It is a shame we can’t get a good quality restaurant here !!!!
    And what about something to fill the big abandoned land in the middle of the town center!

  • I live in Carlsbad and a mile from the beach. Once a month, my family would drive all the way out to Hendos for their pizza. We all loved their pizza, beer, and atmosphere. It’s a pizza joint…. Not some high end restaurant. I miss hendos and after reading this article, I don’t want to eat at the new place. Whoever wrote this is an unprofessional idiot who just put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth about the new place.

  • I don’t let anyone do the critiquing for me, I can judge for myself, thank you. It is a disservice to readers looking for a family oriented place to eat, to put such a negative review on Hendo’s without causing consequences to the new owners. Be fair; try Shane’s Pizza. I am sure the new owners will strive to ensure your dining pleasure as that is their lively-hood and they are living in your area and not out-of-town owners. As a community, let’s welcome Shane and family and talk to them personally if you have any requests or critiques.

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