What San Elijo Hills Neighborhood Has The Best Holiday Lights?

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Voting ends 12/23/2010 10:00 PM

3nd annual –Venzano was the winner in 2008 & 2009 Time for a SEH neighborhood to rally this year?

Have a local business? San Elijo Life is looking for a sponsor for this annual event. (prize & naming rights)

*Venzano is not technically part of San Elijo Hills…but they share a fence line & trails with San Elijo Hills and have always been included in the spirit of the contest  …Enjoy  “Life in The Hills” .


  • 18 votes so far
    Crest View out to early lead

    • Why is Venzano considered?

      They are not part of SEH, and do not pay our dues.
      They’re just freeloaders living in proximity.

      Nix ’em IMAO.

  • Crest View giving it a good run this year! I agree about Venzano, though. No San Elijo No care.

  • Dear Concerned.
    May the Peace and Joy of this Christmas Season find you.
    Merry Christmas!
    Great job to Venzano, Crest View and all neighborhoods in the Holiday Spirit.

  • *Venzano is not technically part of San Elijo Hills…but they share a fence line & trails with San Elijo Hills and have always been included in the spirit of the contest.

    They have a huge lead with 95 votes (hope it’s all honest votes and not cookie manipulation) We can turn on IP address controls to keep the votes honest.


    • perhaps the poll should start over with IP address controls on ensure an honest vote.

    • Dear Hills Local,

      Since you have placed doubt on the validity of the voting, I suggest that you restart the voting with the IP address controls on “to keep the votes honest” If Venzano wins again this year (and the chances are high) then there will be “sour grapes” and allegations by vocal dissenters if this step is not taken. Having said this, Venzano has done a wonderful decorating job, and the kids of many neighborhoods are enjoying them.

      • A Community Member

        It is apparent when you drive through the neighborhoods that many Venzano homeowners took the time and care to put up lights and decorate in the spirit of Xmas. There are many beautiful homes in the community and there is so much joy in driving by and looking at the homes. I think the only reason Venzano wins is because SO MANY homes are done up. And shame on those who see boundaries. May you find the spirit to share one day.

  • The poll should be changed to: “Which community do you live in?” LOL!

  • If you haven’t visisted Venzano do it! Seems like every other house has some sort of Christmas decorations. It’s beautiful. Hopefully we can see beyond boundary lines and just enjoy the lights, creativity and hard work that all residents have put into it. The children love it, and that’s what matters to me! Merry Christmas!

  • OMG, you people take this so seriously like there is money on the line! Enjoy the lights and lighten up, no pun intended.

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  • Who cares! Venzano should not participate in this next year…we don’t really care about the votes anyways. We just want to enjoy our beautifully decorated homes. Stop being jealous people! Get a life!!!

  • I just want to say THANK YOU to all of the residents in Venzano who take the time to put up Christmas decorations each year. Collectively, the lights are magical. We took our kids to see them last night and it will be a very special memory for us. Thanks again!

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