Workshop slated to get feedback on proposed Property Appearance and Maintenance Ordinance

Residents encouraged to attend to provide their thoughts

San Marcos city officials will host a workshop on the proposed Property Appearance and Maintenance Ordinance on Saturday, July 25 from 10 am to noon. The weekend meeting will be held at San Marcos City Hall in the Valley of Discovery Room, 1 Civic Center Drive.

“This is yet another avenue for residents to provide the City with feedback on this proposed ordinance,” said Deputy City Manager Lydia Romero. “Offering a workshop on Saturday will give those not able to attend a weekday meeting the chance to weigh in on this topic.”

Individuals who may not be able to attend any of the offered workshops may still voice their thoughts via an online survey.

The City’s Student and Neighborhood Relations Commission is currently considering the Property Appearance and Maintenance Ordinance (PAMO) to preserve the integrity of San Marcos neighborhoods. The goal of this PAMO is to enhance the quality of life for residents and maintain property values.

The draft ordinance establishes a number of minimum standards for property appearance and maintenance that currently are not addressed in the San Marcos Municipal Code.

Click here for more info on the ordinance.

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