September 22, 2023

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, several other projects started active construction in and around the Creek area. To make it easy for you and other members of the community to find out what’s happening and when, the City worked with other public agencies and private developers to create a map highlighting major construction projects in the area over the next two years.

The City will update these maps as project timelines change and more information is available.

While these projects are starting construction now, each one went through a comprehensive planning and review process, which took several months, years, or even decades (in some cases), to complete.

All projects were approved under the current San Marcos General Plan which serves as the guiding documents for future development. All projects were also reviewed for consistency with the City’s planning policies, which are designed to preserve the small-town atmosphere of San Marcos’ past, while thoughtfully balancing growth for the future.


If you have additional questions about Creek area construction, please visit the City’s webpage or contact the City’s Planning Department at or (760) 744-1050.

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