September 22, 2023
Traffic Announcement: City of San Marcos

Read the correspondence below from the City’s Traffic Engineering Department regarding the new ‘no turn on red’ sign installed on Schoolhouse Way:

At the request of the school district and to avoid another potentially dangerous situation, a no right turn on red sign has been installed for southbound Schoolhouse Way.  Traffic Engineering wanted to move quickly since this location is right outside of two schools where children frequently cross. We are aware that the turn restriction causes additional delays and frustrations to drivers when exiting Schoolhouse Way; however, safety is always the number one concern. 

The static signs will remain for the time being, but an order for an electronic ‘blank-out’ no right turn on red sign has been ordered and installation will be expedited once it arrives (see attached picture for reference).  Once this new equipment arrives, the static signs will be removed and the blank-out sign will be integrated with the traffic signal to operate at peak times during school pick up and drop off only. 
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