What would you ask San Marcos City Council Candidates?

We are taking suggestions for email interview questions for The San Marcos City Council candidates.  Please post your suggestions?

Here are a few questions we have picked from our past elections interviews, that we think our relevant:
  1. Why should the residents in San Elijo Hills vote for you?
  2. How can you help solve school crowding issues in San Elijo Hills?
  3. How can the council help address aggressive cut through traffic and school traffic in San Elijo Hills?
  4. How can the city of San Marcos work with San Elijo Development to complete the San Elijo Hills Town Center?
  5. What are your goals to improve the quality of life in San Marcos, such as events, parks, and trails?
  6. If elected what are the top 3 issues you would focus on for San Elijo Hills?
  7. How will you clean up the campaign signs after election?
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We welcome your suggestions and please check back for the interviews.


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