June 12, 2024

By popular demand, the SEH Community created a petition over the weekend and received 500 signatures In less than 24 hours. We still feel strongly that writing letters and showing up to the 9/6 Zoom meeting is of utmost importance, but we want to provide another data point to the city. Sign here https://www.change.org/p/oppose-seh-montessori-preschool-in-triangle-lot?fbclid=IwAR2ZDMyRyq-HATm3iIluiDOnhVMrwrn2ZGF4HiFWmAM8vUyMuQXejvPnHu0


The developer’s website states: “Our developments focus on community enrichment and meeting the residents’ needs through meaningful, useful, relevant projects… In assessing [San Elijo’s] community’s needs, it became clear that education was a top priority …What was lacking was preschool education options… It became very evident there was a gap in young children’s education experiences. As we reviewed and assessed the needs within the community, we looked at several types of office and or service uses; however, the lack of available preschool education facilities stood out as a community need.”

The Board of Directors of the San Elijo Hills Community Association voted unanimously to submit a letter of opposition to the proposed development project.

Yet, despite our clear articulation that a preschool does not meet the resident’s needs, the developer continues to push forward. If the developer is working in the best interest of our community wishes, let’s show him just how many residents are against this.